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Sex Coach- 7 Reasons To See One

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Sex coaching is not sex therapy. In sex therapy, the therapist is a licensed mental health professional with an additional education in sexuality and sex topics. A sex therapist will explore your past and go into your childhood to help you heal from past wounds through coping skills and self-care. Usually, a sex therapist takes insurance and may diagnose a person with a disorder from the DSM V which is required by insurance companies.

As a sex coach, I help you with sexual concerns. I look at what is going on in the present moment and move you toward your sexual goals. I help you move from where you are to where you want to be. I offer insight into how you can improve your sex life and overcome erotic barriers. Your past experience will be a part of our conversation since there is important information to be gathered there to move forward. This can be very powerful and healing. Please hear this, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Here are seven reasons clients reach out to me:

  • Low or no desire to have sex: There can be numerous causes for this. It could be the stresses of life, jobs, kids, or your relationship.

Is hard to find the time, much less the energy to want to have sex?

  • Wanting to reconnect with their partner: Sexual chemistry can fade in long term relationships. Maybe sex has become routine, mechanical or disconnected.

Do you feel more like roommates not lovers?

  • Wanting to have Better Sex: Curiosity is sexy! Many want to learn new skills and techniques.

How do you arouse your partner in and out of the bedroom? How can you better lover, and make your Sex Life the best it can be?

  • Never talking about sex with their partner: Maybe it's awkward or they just end up arguing every time one of you brings it up.

Does one of you get defensive or embarrassed? If so, nothing changes.

  • Not being able to ask for what they want or really don't know what they want: This is common. Most of us aren't taught to ask for what we want. Inside or outside of the bedroom!

Do you know what you want? Do you know how to ask for it? If your partner asked what you wanted sexually could you answer? Would you come up blank? If you do know what you want, can you ask for it? Are you worried what their reaction might be?

  • Body Image: Are they pretty enough? Is their penis big enough? Society and the media pressure us how we should and shouldn't look, how to act, what to say and not say about sex and our bodies.

Are you so distracted by the way you look that it is hard to enjoy sex? Maybe you can only have sex with the light off or clothes on?

  • Inability to have an orgasm or give an orgasm to their partner: Women often think something is wrong with them because they can't have an orgasm with their partner. Men think something is wrong with them because they feel they cannot get their partner to have an orgasm.

Do you ask yourself, is there something wrong with me? Why can't I orgasm? Why can't I get her to orgasm?

These are just some reasons my clients have reached out to me. It takes courage to ask for help in any situation. I believe even more so around sex. Society has made sex taboo. Our formative years made us believe that sex is only for having children, only between a man and a woman, never for pleasure. We have issues of shame, self-judgement and embarrassment when thinking of, exploring sex and asking for help.

Having an amazing Sex Life takes work! You deserve to find freedom in pleasure! You deserve to have the intimate, exciting and fulfilling Sex Life you crave!

I help you own and live in your true and authentic sexual selves. Both inside and outside of the bedroom. Sex is pleasure and pleasure is good!

I create a warm, welcoming, safe and accepting environment for my clients. Does embarrassment make that harder? Absolutely! Should you do it anyway? Absolutely! You will be glad you did!

My blog next week will be some tips about how I help you have Better Sex!

"It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover."

Marge Piercy

My Love and I enjoying a walk at the beautiful Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC.

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