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Valentine's Day Fun for couples

Valentine's Day is for lovers right?! You have that perfect person and this is the perfect day to show them just how much you love and adore them!

So, how do you do that? Flowers, dinner, gifts??? All of those options are great!

Have you ever wondered what else could there be? What else can you do to make it more memorable? Hmmmmm... guess what?! I have an idea!

woman getting ready for play

How about an evening of Sensual Play? Intrigued? Not sure where to start?

Sensual play is one of my favorite kinds of play! So, let's get started!

What is Sensual Play?

Sensual is an adjective that means anything relating to or involving gratification of the senses and physical gratification, especially sexual pleasure.

Sounds fun huh! From experience! It is!

Sensual play is going to involve all of the 5 senses. Sound, smell, taste, touch, and sight.

There is preparation to do for this type of play. Some of this depends on your partners preferences and/or dietary needs. The goal is to play and enjoy each other.

This should be done as a surprise!

Sensual Play Planning

Picking up supplies. You will need a sexy nightie or robe, a blindfold, scented candles if your partner has one they enjoy, a scented or unscented massage oil (coconut and almond oil work well), foods and drinks. Here is a list!

  • Berries of any kind

  • Fruits like bananas, mangos, oranges, fresh figs, peaches, cherries, dates, etc.

  • Chocolate of any kind (there are lots of different chocolate options) have fun and try new flavors

  • Sauces- you can use for dipping fruits or putting on your lips to kiss your partner- Hot fudge, Caramel, Strawberry. Whatever you two may enjoy!

  • Cool Whip or Whipped Cream- sometimes the sound of the whipped cream coming out of the can will be an interesting sound for your partner as a tease of what may be coming next.

  • Honey

  • Different flavors or jams or jellies

  • Candied Ginger

  • Peanut butter

  • Different types of cheese

  • Breads or crackers

  • Olives

  • Pickles

  • Nuts

  • Cherry tomatoes

  • Sweet peppers

  • Red or white wine

  • Bourbon

  • Whiskey

  • Liqueurs or cordials

This is just a quick list. You can get as creative as you like!

sensual food

Prep ahead

  • You will need to prepare the foods ahead of time.

  • Put them on trays or plates.

  • Have your glasses ready for any liquids you may be providing your partner.

  • Have your music ready to start

  • Move a comfortable chair close to a table where the food will be displayed or place a table close to a comfortable chair

  • Have the candles placed and ready (make sure you have a lighter)

  • Glass of ice cubes

  • Feathers if you have some

Setting the scene and sensual bath time

First, you want to make sure the house is warm enough. Especially, if your partner is going to be naked.

Don't let your partner see all the prep you have done. Surprise is key!

Start with running a nice warm bath with oil. Light some candles, turn on some soft music- instrumental works best. I like Calm Vibes on Spotify. Words can be distracting.

Let your partner get in the bath while you go change into something sexy.

Come back into where your partner is bathing. They'll see your sexy outfit and will start getting excited for the evening.

If you are able, assist your partner in bathing. Wash and rinse their hair (give a nice scalp massage), use a nice soft sponge to gently wash your partners body. Gently, attentively caressing and enjoying the play. Use your hands to massage your partner with the warm water and oil from the bath. Make sure to massage the breasts and pussy or cock. If they get aroused that is ok.

Try not to give them an orgasm, just play and take them right to the edge. Backing off if you sense they are close. Orgasm can come later.

Tell our partner to relax with a cocktail or glass of wine for a while and you go out and start setting up the rest of the scene.

After bath time play

Take a moment to make sure the house is warm enough. Check in with your partner often to ensure they are comfortable.

Set the table up with the foods and drinks you have prepared. Candles are lit and music is playing. Comfortable chair is placed near table and positioned so you can walk around it easily.

After you have finished setting up, go back to where your partner is bathing. Ask if they would like to come out and join you for the rest of their surprise.

Who says "No" to that?!

Help your partner out of the bath and you gently towel them off. Head to toe. Ask them if they would like to slip on a robe. Help them put it on and then ask them to close their eyes. Make sure they are comfortable with using a blindfold (everything is always consensual). If they are comfortable with the blindfold, put it on them. Guide them to the chair you have set up.

Check in making sure they are warm enough. Offer them something cool to drink. Blindfold on-they have to trust you. Respect that trust and here is where the play begins!

Possibilities are endless here! From this point do what is right for you and your partner. Here are some suggestions:

  • Give them a little sip of their favorite cool drink

  • Put something cool in your mouth, swallow and then give them a full kiss

  • Encourage them to open their mouth.

  • Feed them different food options (keeping in mind the combination of sweets and salty)

  • Give them the different drink options (keeping in mind the combinations)

  • Give them a piece of fruit from your lips and then a quick kiss

  • Move around them in the chair, say their name or I love you or what you are going to do to them later

  • Feed them from behind or the side

  • Rub your hands over their body

  • Run an ice cube down the front of the body or around the neck (think erogenous zones)

  • Give them a surprise kiss

  • Take a sip of something, swallow and then give them a full mouth kiss

  • Take a feather and run over your partners body.

  • Make sure you are saying their name often, telling them what you are going to do to them later, let them know what you love about them, the parts of their body you want to explore later, how beautiful and sexy they are.

  • Use different styles of touches. Soft, firm, caressing, squeezing etc. Hopefully, you know your partners body and what they like. Always checking in with your partner to make sure they are ok.

  • Take your partners hand and let them feel how aroused you are.

  • Place kisses all over your partners body. Take a breast in your mouth, ask her to spread her legs and nibble her clit, take his cock in your mouth. Whatever turns your partner on. Do it.

You can go with this as long as you like.

couple passionately kissing

If at anytime you decide you want the blindfold to come off that is ok. Sometimes the change of not being able to see and then being able to see can be very seductive.

After sensual play time

Now, it is up to you! If you want to go back to the bedroom for a nice massage, if you want to get out the cuffs and floggers or if you both want to just full on fuck you can! Soft and slow, hard and fast to anywhere in-between! Blindfold on or off!

Enjoy and play with each others bodies. Explore one another!

Clean up can come later! The mess isn't going anywhere! It will be there when you have finished your playtime!

It's Valentines Day! Enjoy it!

You look handsome, you look sweet.

Sit down over there, take a seat.

Tonight we have some games to play.

What happens now you have no say.

It's my turn, you are the guest,

You get naked and guess the rest.

From our house to yours,

Happy Valentine's Day!

May your day be filled with pleasure!

Ours will!

Mark and Lisa Neville

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