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Couples Coaching Sessions

Emotional support and Identify barriers

Service Description

You receive help that is tailored to your relationship and it's specific needs. Working with me brings your relationship to a new level of intimacy and depth. Honoring where your sexuality is right now, at this moment in time, creates freedom and ease. You can let go of judgement and accept where you are. You are not broken! I take a more interactive approach, guiding you both through exercises to help you feel more comfortable in your body, your sexuality and intimacy. I offer you emotional support. I help you reignite your passion and explore your fantasies. You may need to spend time talking about your most enticing fantasies or practice different styles of touch. While talking and learning to communicate face to face is very productive, when it comes to sex, much of the communication is non-verbal. Many couples find it hard to share their desires, to check in on their partner to see if they are sexually engaged and to tell a partner when they are or are not enjoying themselves. We will discuss this in session and you will have take home exercise that teach you these skills. You learn to cultivate your desire and then learn to meet each others emotional and sexual needs. You learn to set boundaries. Ask each other for what you want and to say no to what you don't want. You learn to communicate what you need and your desires with each other in ways that have your partner want to give you what you want. Expand your sexual pleasure! Explore what turns you on, understand the male and female body, deepen how much pleasure you experience in your body and with each other and connect more deeply through touch and sexuality in ways that enliven and excite you. It's about helping you and your partner cultivate skills and confidence through direct and authentic experiences, that enable you to show up more fully in your relationship. You re-ignite your passion, explore your fantasies and connect in and out of the bedroom! At each session we identify and celebrate what you have accomplished. We also identify where you feel stuck and what can you do to continue to move forward in your commitment to having a more satisfying love life. I may suggest books, videos or toys for you to work with between sessions. You learn to truly master your pleasure, your partner(s) pleasure, and to give and receive amazing orgasms. You learn to have more intimacy!

Cancellation Policy

Full payment is due at the end of each session. Appointments may be paid by cash, check or credit card. Full payment is due for appointments canceled less than 24 hours before appointment time.

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